Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.

Original Blue

This bright and tangy blue is a lovely medium blue that stands out with a unique balance of flavors. With a texture right on the line between creamy and crumbly,  it serves as a versatile blue that can fill many roles on and off the cheese board. The seaside terroir of this cheese grants a one of a kind funk that pairs perfectly with the inherent saltiness and blue tang of the cheese to create a lovely american blue. The first cheese ever produced by Point Reyes, it is an impressive cheese in its own right, let alone for a first try. 


Cheesemaker- Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company

Milk- Raw Cow

Rennet- Microbial

Region- California, U.S 


Awards- World Championship Cheese Contest Blue Veined Cheeses: 2nd Place (2016), World Cheese Awards Cows Milk Blue Veined any Variety: Silver (2017), U.S. Championship Cheese Contest Blue Veined: Best in Class (2019)


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