Jasper Hill Farm



Hay might not seem like the most appealing topping on a cheese, but this American Alpine style proves that first impressions can be misleading. Somewhat similar in character to a Gruyere, the cheese is aged for at least a year. This aging causes calcium lactate crystals to form in the cheese, giving it a slightly dense and gritty texture. The hay plays heavily into the taste in a very pleasant manner. The earthy base cheese gains a grassy, almost herbaceous quality from the wrap along with the slightest hint of sharpness from the aging. Unique in both flavor in appearance, Calderwood is a must try cheese 


Cheesemaker- Jasper Hill Farm/Saxelby Cheesemongers 

Milk- Raw Cow

Rennet- Animal

Region- Vermont, U.S./New York, U.S.


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